​​Basingstoke Town Bowling Club

Basingstoke Town Bowling Club has a Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy which follows the policies of its National Governing Body, Bowls England. This policy is displayed on the Club Notice Board and can be accessed on the club website at www.basingstoketownbowlingclub.uk Queries on the policy and on these Procedures should be addressed to the Club Safeguarding Officer.

Children and Adults
These Procedures are designed to cover children – i.e. those members who have yet to reach their eighteenth birthday. These procedures do not cover  “Adults at Risk”(Vulnerable Adults). 

The Club Safeguarding Officer 
The Committee has appointed a nominated member who has special responsibility for safeguarding issues and who undertakes appropriate training to keep up to date with national safeguarding guidelines.  This Officer’s prime responsibilities are;

  • To be the first point of contact for members, children and parents for any issue relating to safeguarding, including poor practice as well as potential or alleged abuse
  • To ensure parents/ guardians return all necessary documentation and that club records are kept up to date
  • To ensure that, where necessary, members and coaches have obtained appropriate DBS certification or have completed Self Disclosure forms.
  • To ensure any incidents and concerns are dealt with promptly and in accordance with these Procedures

Joining the Club
Any member joining the club who has not yet reached his/her eighteenth birthday will be subject to the Club’s Safeguarding Policy and the General Secretary, on receipt of an application for membership, will ensure the parent/guardian’s attention is drawn to the Policy, to these Procedures and to the need to return the consent forms detailed in these Procedures.

Role of Parents/ Guardians
Parents/ Guardians must provide the club with all necessary documentation/consents for their child/ children and must keep the Club Welfare Officer aware of any changes that occur, particularly as regards medical history. Parents/Guardians should also draw to the attention of the Welfare Officer any weaknesses/ concerns they have about the Club’s practices and procedures.

Handling of Claims of Abuse
The Club appreciates that abuse can take many forms, of which the most common are:

  • Physical Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Bullying including Cyber Bullying

Abuse includes self-abuse, such as self-harming, personal neglect and abuse of alcohol and drugs.

If any person makes a disclosure to an Officer or Member of the Club, the Club Safeguarding Officer must be immediately made aware of the situation.

He/She should in speaking to the individual:

  • Listen carefully and stay calm
  • Question normally but without pressure in order that what the person is saying is understood
  • Not interpret, paraphrase or put words into the person’s mouth
  • Reassure the person that, in coming forward, they have done the right thing
  • Inform the person that the information will be passed on to the appropriate agency but that only those who need to know will be informed
  • Note the main points carefully, using the exact words of the Disclosure
  • Make a detailed note of the Date/Time/Place and what was said using the Disclosure Form 

It is not the task of the Safeguarding Officer (or any other officer/member) to themselves investigate any allegation/situation. Once a Disclosure has been made it should be reported immediately, using the Incident Reporting Form, to the Bowls England Safeguarding Officer who will contact the appropriate outside agency/agencies in order that any necessary protective action can be taken.

 Approved at Committee on 17th February 2022

Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures for Members and Parents