​​Basingstoke Town Bowling Club

Celebrating our Centenary with the Chelsea Pensioners

Club History

The "Town" was the first club in the Association to wear coloured shirts. After several changes the design was settled for a traditional white shirt with navy blue and gold trim. In 2016 the Club changed the design of the shirts to a more modern look, but still incorporating the white, blue and gold of the original design.

The History of the Club

Over the years the club has combined with other clubs from within the town's vicinity. Some of the clubs which disappeared were the Winchester Road Club, The Grapes Bowling Club and the Conservative Bowling Club. The demise of other clubs was accelerated by the re-development of the town centre during the sixties and early seventies. Nevertheless, inspite of the in-flux of bowlers from very different backgrounds, the club has managed to retain its original identity. For a more in depth history of the club, a printed version is available from the club secretary.

In Febuary 1937 the Club wrote officially to the Town Clerk requesting permission to use the Town Arms as a blazer badge. After much discussion, permission was eventually granted. The result, as shown above, shows St Michael the archangel slaying the dragon. When most people comment on the badge they incorrectly suggest it's St George but, as we should all be aware, wings were never part of his attire.

The bandstand which can be seen inside the Hackwood Road entrance to the Memorial Park and currently used as a backdrop to civil weddings was once sited inside the Fairfields Road Recreation Ground, There was some dispute as to when the bandstand was moved and under whose authority. But now its generally accepted that the year was 1921 and a sum of £155 was approved by the Council for the re-siting.

Basingstoke Town Bowling Club, affectionately known as "The Town" to members and non-members alike, was formed just before the outbreak of "The Great War". Originally known as the Fairfields Road Recreation Ground Bowling Club, "The Town" was officially formed in 1912.