1)   NAME

a)    The Club name is the Basingstoke Town Bowling Club and is hereafter called the Club.

b)    The object of the Club is to promote and encourage the ancient game of flat green bowls. The Club shall be affiliated to all National,          County and District bowling Associations for both Ladies and Gentlemen.

Membership of the Club shall be open to everyone subject to the following conditions:

a)     Application for membership must be made in writing to the Club Secretary on an official Membership Application form.

b)     Applications shall be displayed on the Club Notice Board for a period of not less than 14 days.  Any objections must be received in             *writing by the Club Secretary within the 14 day period.  In the event of an objection being received by the Secretary, the application         will be referred to the next available Committee Meeting where the application and objection will be put before the meeting and                 acceptance decided by a simple majority of those present.
c)    In the event of the applicant being unknown to any Club member then references may be requested.
d)    Social membership shall be available to spouses, friends and relatives of full members and members of other organisations using the          club facilities on payment of the Social Membership subscription which is set at the AGM and which is applicable at the time of                  application. 
It will entitle them to use the facilities of the Club and take part in any function promoted by the Club other than the                game of bowls except as allowed under rule 13k.   Social Members will not be allowed to take any office in the Club except as                    detailed in Rule 9c.  Social members are not allowed to vote at any meetings held by the Club.
e)    Junior Membership is available to persons aged 18 years and under and will have a reduced annual subscription which will be set at            the AGM.   Applicants aged over 18 and in full time education may be considered for Junior Membership on the above terms at the            discretion of the Committee. Junior Members will be entitled to the full use of the facilities of the Club except where detailed in Rule          12b.  Junior members will not be allowed to take any office in the Club nor will they be allowed to vote at any meetings.  They must          apply for membership as per Rule 2a above.
f)    At the recommendation of the Committee members may be proposed for Life Membership in recognition of continuous long service in       excess of 10 years as a full Member and outstanding services to the Club and Life Members will enjoy the same rights as Full                     Members. At the recommendation of the Committee, non-members may be proposed for Honorary Membership for outstanding                   services to the Club.  Honorary Members will enjoy the same rights as Social Members. Acceptance of both recommendations will be         decided by a majority vote at the AGM.


a)     Subscriptions for the coming year will be set at the AGM. Full Membership and Junior Membership subscriptions must be paid in full         by 31st January following.   Any member failing to pay their subscriptions by this date shall cease to be a member and will have to             re-apply in accordance with Rule 2a.  (N.B. Failure to pay on time will mean you will be unable to enter County and District                       competitions.)
b)    People who join the Club after the start of the bowling season may be entitled to pay a reduced subscription at the discretion of the              Committee.
c)    Subscriptions for Social Membership will also be set at the AGM.  Social Membership subscriptions will become due on acceptance          of membership and must be paid in full annually.  Social Members failing to pay will cease to be members and will need to re-apply in        accordance with Rule 2a.

a)    The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of a President, Vice President, Ladies Captain, Men’s Captain,            Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Bar Manager, Catering Manager, Green Keeper, Match Secretary, Competition Secretary, Almoner, 2          Bowls Hampshire Rep (1 male and one female), BDBA Rep, NHWBA Rep, and Whitchurch Rep.
b)    The Officers and Committee Members together with one Auditor shall be elected for the ensuing year at the AGM. 

c)     A quorum at a Committee Meeting shall consist of not less than six participants.

a)     The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held on a date set by the Committee.
b)     An EGM will be held in April on a date set by the Committee.
c)     An emergency General Meeting of the Club may be called by not less than 20% of the full paid up membership or by at least 10                 members of the Committee.
d)     A quorum at any General Meeting of the Club shall be not less than 25% of the fully paid up membership.
e)     At least 14 days notice must be given to all paid up members of any General Meeting.  Such notice shall be made in *writing and               must include details of the agenda together with any proposed amendments to the rules and the names of any applications for                       membership to be presented at the meeting.

f)     At an Emergency Meeting only the matter the meeting was called for may be discussed.
g)    Committee meetings will be held at least once a month throughout the year with dates set by the Committee.
h)    Any matter to be raised at a General Meeting (other than an Emergency Meeting) should be notified to the Secretary in *writing at              least 21 days prior to the meeting.

a)    The Club shall appoint four Trustees. The Legal Department of the Council advises that no Trustee may hold a position on the Club’s          Committee.
b)    A Trustee may be removed from office at the recommendation of the Committee at the next available General Meeting of members.            The reasons for its recommendations must be fully described in any notice or agenda sent out for that meeting.

c)    The Trustees shall be elected at a General Meeting of the Club.  Any appointed Trustees wishing to resign shall give the club                        management a minimum notice of 3 months.
d)    In the event of a Trustee dying, resigning, being removed from office or becoming incapable of acting another shall be elected by a            resolution of the majority of the Committee.  Every resolution electing a Trustee shall be entered in the minutes of the meeting in               which they were appointed. Any such appointments must be ratified at the next General Meeting.   Any such appointments must be             notified in writing by the Club Secretary to the Club's solicitor and also to the Legal department at Basingstoke and Deane Borough           Council.
e)   All deeds, documents of title and securities of money shall be held by the Trustees who shall take such measures for the safe custody           and preservation thereof at the expense of the Club as they may think fit. They shall be responsible for the safe custody of all such               deeds, documents and securities as they are placed in their hands or under their control and shall produce them for inspection by the           auditor when required by a resolution of a General Meeting or of the Committee.
f)    The Trustees shall be the persons to sue or be sued on behalf of the Club.
g)    If any Trustee being removed from office refuses or neglects to assign or transfer any property of the Club as a General Meeting may          direct such Trustee, if a Member, shall be expelled from the Club and shall cease to have any claim on the Club without prejudice to            any liability to prosecution.

h)    The Trustees shall deal with the property of the Club for the time being vested in them as they may from time to time be directed by             the Club at a General Meeting or by the Committee.
i)    The Trustees, shall at all times, be fully and effectively indemnified against all risks and personal expense out of the Club property and        by the membership as a whole.

The Treasurer shall take charge of the funds of the Club which are not invested and pay all authorised demands as and when they become due.  They shall produce all books, property and money of the Club in their possession and render a clear and full account at each audit and whenever required by resolution of the Club or of the Committee or by the Trustees.  They shall keep the accounts of the Club and make up a duly audited annual statement of accounts and a balance sheet of the Club to the 30th September each year. They shall on all occasions in the execution of their office act under the control and direction of the Committee.

The Secretary shall record correctly the names of the members and the officers there present at any properly convened meeting and the minutes of the proceedings which shall be filed in a book to be authenticated by the signature of the Chairman as a true record of the proceedings. The Secretary shall receive proposals for membership of the Club. The Secretary shall hand over monies received by him/her to the Treasurer.  The Secretary shall produce all books, documents and money of the Club in his/her possession and render a full and clear account at each audit and whenever required by a resolution of the Club or of the Committee or by the Trustees. The Secretary shall summon and give notice of all meetings of the Club and of the Committee and keep the accounts, documents and papers of the Club in such a manner and for such purposes as the Committee may direct. The Secretary shall on all occasions in the execution of his/her office act under the control and direction of the Committee.  The Secretary shall record the details of all Club members and their class of Membership.

a)     The Committee shall have the power to superintend and conduct the business of the Club according to the rules and shall in all things         act for and in the name of the Club. Every question shall be decided by a majority vote and if the votes are equal the Chairman shall           have a second and deciding vote.
b)    The Committee may from time to time appoint from among their numbers such Sub-committees as it may deem necessary or                      expedient and may depute or refer to them such powers and duties of the Committee as the Committee may determine.  Such Sub-              committees shall periodically report their proceedings to the full Committee and shall conduct their business in accordance with the            direction of the Committee.
c)    The Committee may form such Sub-committees as they may see fit and are empowered to co-opt any Club Member or Social Member        to that Sub-committee.   The Committee can appoint deputies to any office and to fill vacancies as they arise.   All such appointments          to remain in force until confirmed or repealed at the next AGM.


a)   The Selection Committee for all Male representative Club matches from April to September shall consist of the Men's Captain and              two other male members elected at the AGM.
b)    The Selection Committee for all Female representative Club matches from April to September shall consist of the Ladies Captain and        two other female members elected at the AGM.
c)   Selection for all Mixed representative Club matches from April – September shall consist of both Male and Female Selection                       Committees.
d)   Selection for all Club representative indoor games from October – March shall be made by the Team Captains appointed as and when         necessary.
e)    Selection for all other representative games shall be by the appropriate body.
f)   Teams for friendly matches April – September will be selected by the Club Captains and will be posted on the notice boards prior to           the matches.  Notification of team selections for indoor friendlies October – March will be made electronically.
g)   League teams will be selected by the respective Team managers as appointed at the AGM and will be posted on the club notice boards       prior to the match.

a)    All monies received on account of subscriptions, supplying refreshments or entertainment donations or otherwise and interest on                investments shall be applied in carrying out the functions of the Club in accordance with the Rules.
b)    Any officer or member misapplying the funds shall repay the amount misapplied and be excluded from the Club without prejudice to          any liability to prosecution.
c)    So much of the funds as may not be wanted for immediate use or to meet the usual accruing liabilities shall, with the consent of the            Committee, or a General Meeting, be invested by the Trustees in a way deemed appropriate.

d)    A General Meeting of the Club may, by a majority of those members present, authorise the Committee and the Trustees to raise                  additional capital from the Club's bank.  The sum to be borrowed shall be determined by the members present and shall not be                    exceeded during any subsequent negotiations with the Club's bank.
e)    If any member incurs expenses, loss or damage in fulfilling tasks authorised by the Committee on behalf of the Club (not covered by          their personal insurances or incurred by the member’s own negligence) the Club agrees to consider indemnifying members for claims        made within a reasonable time limited to the Club funds available.

12)  BAR
a)    The Bar manager shall organise the running of the bar in accordance with procedures laid down by the Committee.
b)    The sales and opening hours of the bar will be in accordance with the Local Club Licensing laws and notice relating to such laws shall        be prominently displayed in the Club house.

c)    The Bar Manager shall determine the bar prices in accordance with the procedures laid down by the Committee and shall see that they        are prominently displayed in the bar.
e)    The Committee may instruct the Bar Manager to employ a person on a casual basis to run the bar on any occasion it is deemed                    necessary at such rates of pay set by the Committee.
d)    Members or bona fide supporters of visiting teams or other persons invited to special functions held on the Club premises which are            organised by a Club member, with the approval of the Committee, shall be permitted to be upon the Club premises and subject to the          provisions of  the rules of the Club,  to use the facilities of the Club and to purchase intoxicating liquor in the same way as members            and guests may do.

a)    The Greens will be available from the 1st May each year until the 30th September from 12 noon until dusk from Monday to Friday              and from 9.00 a.m. to dusk on Saturdays and Sundays.
b)     Flat bottomed smooth soled shoes must be worn at all times on the playing surfaced of the Greens.
c)    The Greens or individual rinks may be closed to play at any time during the playing season on the instruction and at the discretion of          the Green Keeper or Green Member.
d)    Members will, at all times, do their utmost to protect the playing surface of the Greens from unnecessary wear and damage and shall          report any person causing such damage to the Green Keeper, or in his absence, any available officer of the Club or Committee                    member who shall have the right to order the offending person or persons to leave the Greens.
e)    Members are responsible for any Club equipment used by them when playing bowls and shall ensure that any such equipment is                  returned to the equipment shed when they have finished with it.  They should also report any wear or damage to such equipment to the        Green Keeper.

f)    Members should dress in a tidy and responsible manner on the Greens.  When whites are required to be worn it will be stated on the            team sheet.  Club coloured shirts as registered with Bowls England shall be worn at all Club representative games and friendly                    matches.
g)    Club woods are available for the use of new members during their first full season of bowls with the Club after which they should              have obtained their own.   The Club woods are not to be taken out of the Club unless authorised by an officer of the Club.  Payment            for use of the woods will be at a rate laid down by the Committee and be put in the box provided.   The Green Keeper will be                      responsible for passing the monies to the Treasurer.
h)    Rinks may be booked in advance for competitions in a book labelled “Rink Book”, located in the Changing Rooms.  To book a rink             state the rink number, name, competition, time required and date booking made.  Rinks shall be booked on a first come first served             basis.  However, there is a recognised order of priority from International competitions down to friendlies.  If rinks are needed to be           switched it should be done with full agreement with all parties involved.  Rinks should be booked at least 24 hours before the                       required match.
i)     Green fees are to be paid at the discretion of the Committee and should be paid to the Treasurer or placed in the box provided. The               amount of green fees payable shall be posted on the Notice board.  Match fees shall be paid for all friendly and league matches.  The           amount will be set at the AGM.

j)     Club competitions shall be played according to the rules of Bowls England except where stated otherwise in the club competition                 rules.   Amendments to the Club competitions rules may be made by the Committee.
k)    Social Members and persons who are not members of the Club may play bowls on the Greens as guests of full members  providing            they do not exceed a limit of four separate occasions per playing season except when such guests are on  holiday in the Basingstoke            area in which case, they may use the Greens for the duration of their stay up to a limit of three weeks.   In cases where members of              the public on holiday in the Basingstoke area request the use of the Greens and they are not known to Club members permission must        be obtained from an officer of the Club.  All persons using the Greens as allowed in this rule shall abide by the Playing Regulations as        laid down under rules 13a and 13l.
l)    There shall be no smoking on the Greens whilst any games are in progress.

a)    Amendments to Club Rules can only be made at a General Meeting of the Club except as allowed in rule 14b.  Any proposal to                    change the rules must be put in *writing to the Secretary at least 21 days prior to the meeting and must be signed by the Proposer and          signed by the person who is seconding the rule change.
b)   The Committee shall have the authority to decide by a majority of those present on any matter not covered by the rules and shall have         the power to make such by-laws as it may be deemed necessary. Such by-laws shall remain in force until the following AGM or an             Emergency Meeting at which time they may be confirmed or repealed.

a)    No gambling or disorderly conduct shall be permitted on the Club premises. Any infringement of this rule or any other club Rules              will render the offender liable to expulsion or suspension from the club.   Such members shall cease to have any claims on the Club            without prejudice to any liability to prosecution.  Such expulsion shall be decided by a majority vote of the Committee.  Any member          so expelled may appeal to an Emergency Meeting.
b)    In event of a Club member being in a situation of disagreement with another Club Member or have a complaint about the running of          the Club they shall be entitled to a hearing before the Committee.  They shall abide by any decision the committee makes.
c)    All summonses and notices shall be deemed to have been duly served if addressed to the member or persons for whom it is intended at        their last known address or email address and delivered or posted to either of these addresses.

d)   Where any disciplinary process is not covered by the above the comprehensive guide issued by Bowls England shall apply. In any                conflict between these rules and those issued by Bowls England, the latter shall be applied.

a)    Any proposal for the voluntary dissolution of the Club shall require an EGM (Emergency General Meeting) to be convened in order            for it to be considered. In accordance with Rule 5 it may be called by 20% of the fully paid up membership or 10 members of the                Club’s committee. It will require 14 days notice and a quorum of 25% of the fully paid up membership (including Life members). If a        majority of those present and voting support the proposal the Secretary shall advise the Club’s Trustees of this decision.
b)    Following this EGM all fully paid up members shall be given not less than 21 days notice of a General Meeting to further consider the        voluntary dissolution proposal. The dissolution proposal shall require two thirds of those present and voting to be in favour for such            resolution to be valid. Any dissolution proposal shall in addition state the manner in which any available surplus shall be                              distributed.           
c)    The Trustees shall be advised of such resolution and proceed to realise the property of the Club and after the discharge of all liabilities        shall apply any surplus remaining as directed by the resolution dissolving the Club.  Upon completion of such distribution the Club            shall be dissolved.

a)    Where there is an * before the word “writing” this denotes that “in writing” encompasses all methods of communication especially              electronic mail. 

Club Constitution

​​Basingstoke Town Bowling Club