​​Basingstoke Town Bowling Club

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General Rules

Club Competitions are open to all playing Members of  BTBC.
All games will be played in accordance with the Bowls England
Rules and the correct spirit of the game.

Play by dates must be adhered to unless there are exceptional circumstances which will be considered by the Competition Secretary and the 3 officers who have amended the rules (2022). If an extension is required, this will apply to all competitors for that round of the competition. Play by dates will NOT be extended for any individual matches. Matches not played by the play by date will be void and the competitors eliminated from the competition.

The challenger shall be the first name out of the hat.

A minimum of three dates must be provided by the challenger and should include at least one weekend date. Dates should be agreed as soon as possible at the start of each round. However, should these dates not be suitable please try and negotiate a mutually agreeable date. Once a date has been agreed, and either bowler(s) have to cancel as a result of any non club competitions play on / play by dates and another date cannot be agreed BEFORE the closing date, then the bowler(s) who are cancelling will forfeit the game.

Once the draw has been made, a substitute is permitted  and that  substitute becomes the permanent player. Substitutions are NOT allowed in the Drawn Pairs competition under any circumstances.

Fees may be refunded before competition draws are made.

In the event of bad weather causing a game to be abandoned, the players should agree a mutual date to complete the match before the closing date of the round. The rearranged match will commence on the same rink and colours starting with the scores being those that were counting at the time of abandonment. If a mutual date cannot be agreed before the play by date, the score at the time of original match being abandoned will stand.

Novice Singles
For bowlers who have not previously won the singles or novice singles competitions or played bowls (indoors or outdoors) for more than 3 years from date of joining. First player to reach 21 shots

Mens Singles and Ladies Singles

First player to reach 21 shots and open to any member of BTBC. In the event of a tie in the singles competitions at 21 ends, an extra end will be played.

Singles on Sets
Played over 3 sets, 7 ends per set and open to any member of BTBC.
The game will be decided on the number of sets won on a best of 3 basis. Scoring is one point for a winning set and ½ point for a drawn set. In the event of a tie after three sets, a tie break will be played over three ends with one shot counting on each end.

A marker will be required for each singles game. It is the challengers responsibility to arrange this.

Mens Pairs, Ladies Pairs and Mixed Pairs
To be played over 21 ends and open to any member of BTBC. 

Drawn Pairs
Played over 21 ends and open to any member of  BTBC.
Pairs will be drawn by the Competition Secretary and 2 independent people.
In the event of a tie in the pairs competitions at 21 ends, an extra end will be played.
Score cards must be returned to the Competition Secretary as soon as possible after the completion of the game.



Club Competitions 2022

Two types of Club Competitions are run by the Club. The first type of competition is where each round is to be completed by a play by date, then semi-finals and finals are played on a specific date. The second type is where all games are played on the day including the final. Play on dates for the second type are shown on the 20022 Fixture Diary.